DEN50-R is a consortium consisting of 6 partners joined to improve the quality of treatment and life of patients suffering from colorectal cancer. The vision of DEN50-R is to improve survival and quality of life of cancer patients and at the same time secure that expenses used for cancer treatment are used in the most rational way. Half of all cancer patients do not respond well to chemotherapy and the majority will eventually become resistant.

Project Overview

The number of cancer cases in increasing due to the fact that the population and life span is increasing. In Denmark alone, approx. 34,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year making it the second most frequent cause of death in Denmark. Half of all cancer patients do not respond well to chemotherapy and the majority will eventually become resistant. In order to offer the best possible treatment to cancer patients and thus improve the survival rate, it is of utmost importance to stay at the forefront of research and development of new cancer drugs and treatment methods.

The DEN50-R project aims at establish  a unique and novel cell line based drug screening platform consisting of colorectal cancer (CRC) cell lines resistant to the chemotherapeutic drug combinations applied in the clinical setting.

An important element will be to characterize the resistant and parent cell lines by omics-technologies and apply state-of-the-art integrative bioinformatics analyses to reveal novel drug resistance mechanisms, allowing for targeted development of new drug entities that can circumvent drug resistance.

The project is divided into four project phases:

Project phase 1

Establishment of Resistant Cancer Cells

By exposure to clinically relevant drugs the resitant cell lines will be established. The resistance will be verified by determination of IC50 values and reported as fold resistance.

Project phase 2

Drug screening

Drug screenings can be performed on the resitant cell lines to identify efficient drugs and reveal cross-resistance.

Omics Analyses

The resistant cell lines and the parental counterparts will be subjected to DNA exome sequencing, RNA sequencing and proteomics.

Literature curation

Literature curation on resistance in cancer cells. Literature curation to identify, collect, and organize publicly available information on cancer related drug resistance. The curation will be limited to the cancer types in the application.

Project phase 3

Supercomputer Data Storage and Public Availability

All data from omics analyses, literature curation and drug screenings will be structured and kept in a secure cloud on the Supercomputer. Software will be developed to ease public search and utility of the data.

Project phase 4

Perspectives Arising from the Research Infrastructure

Data analyses and systems biology approaches will reveal novel insight into the efficacy of combinations of both conventional and novel drugs that will overcome resitance. These data will improve understanding of molecular mechanisms of clinical relevant drug resistance that may guide clinical trials in oncology by personalized treatments and predictive biomarkers.

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